as a  copywriter you are employed to right scripts, advertisement words with the use of a magic language,  website contents, etc.

copywriting is a magic language originated from a man called John Emory Powers father of modern advertising. he was working for the American department store chains when he began his career and later established himself as a freelance copywriter.

Have you seen that it’s not today freelancing started?

The history of copy writing dates back to when the first printed papers were distributed on the street. the actual word copywriting means the act of writing words to sell products.

as a copy writer you are doing 3 jobs at a time.

1. Marketing
2. Advertisement
3. Conviction

a good copy writer can actually market goods easily than a normal marketer, why? because of “Magic words”

This magic words were originated from the German. that’s why today, Germany is known for their good economic and trading skill.
imagine yourself knowing what a German knows. what a country have once fought for.

when these magic words were originated, German government tried to hide this knowledge from other countries. this was one of the things that got them the world power then.

There trade expanded and Germany’s economy and strength kept increasing until John Emory died who was the manufacturer of this magic words. before he passed on he gave this knowledge to his son who now made it known to everybody without knowing how precious this knowledge was.

This language is very powerful of which it consists of write-ups talking to your customer imminently.
have you every read something before and feel that the write-up concerns you? or have a feeling of guilt or relief? have you ever read something and said to yourself, this is what I have been looking for? I am the one this write-up is talking about? these are the magic words working in you. this magic words will change your customer’s mindset, twist their mentally and unconsciously submit them to your request to buy your products.

Now have you seen that the difference between Copywriting and Marketing is clear.
Marketing has its own advantage too especially when it has to do with physical interference.
Marketing and Copywriting works together and performs same function but has no same effect on your customer.

To show you how powerful copywriting is, companies have to employ good copywriters to grow their business, products and company for them.

Now copy writing is something that needs constant practice that a fast learner is able to cover up within 10 days and master it within 20 days. the E-book is very important to purchase as a learner is not something that can be taught with bare speech.

So many copywriters learn copy writing just for fun and some learnt it just to make money, some also use it to promote their own products or company.


So many copywriters are talented with this precious skill but do not know how to make money from it.

One thing to know is that if you have a skill, look for customers don’t wait for customers. there is a difference between you that is marketing online and someone that is in a rented shop sitting at a place and waiting for customers to come and buy.

Online products can be sold, offline products can be waybilled.

now there are two ways you can earn as a copywriter

1. you earn as a freelancer
2. you earn by getting contracts

As a freelancer,  you are to sign up on a platform like;
Flex jobs
Guru and many more of them.
but the highest paying is Fiverr. it’s the most trusted domain consisting of Canadian and US citizens. it’s a very difficult website that if not properly guided, user won’t get any money from there. it’s something that needs personal coaching or an online course.

Earning by contracts: This is where you advertise yourself as a good copy writer of which by now you should be good in digital marketing. in digital marketing you must have known how to set up your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter page, you must have also  known how to grow your social media followers to 1k in not less that two weeks.

What you know as a digital marketer would be different from what an ordinary online online hustler knows just like newbies who come to people’s chats and posts, pasting links here and there without even getting any clicks and later get banned by the social media owner.
I was doing that before I got the knowledge of digital marketing.

as a digital marketer, you are trained to be professional so that as you market yourself as a copy writer, companies will see a reason to interview you and give you contracts online.

it does not even matter wether you went to school or have a certificate, it’s a skill you know, very powerful skill.

people win contracts ranging from  #100,000 – #500,000 from companies and individuals. even higher that the salary of someone that owns a certificate. Just like below.

as a copy writer you will also work with website developers. you don’t know digital marketing, you will need a private coach on that.
meet me here.


someone that is persistent in the lectures and implementations of what has been taught by the coach is likely to start earning just less that a month of implementation.

Note: The function of a coach is to teach you, guide you and lead you till you fulfill your desire. you earn from his coaching while he earns from your registration fee.
that’s a balanced business equation.

Money have rules guiding it, making money also have rules guiding it.

making money online can’t work without someone putting you through. dedicate your time and learn, When you learn the letter “L” will be removed and then you earn.

you invest little to get plenty, invest in something you can never lose which is your skills, invest in knowledge.

Think like a business man when doing business and like a normal human being outside of business.

Look for people that were there before you enter into any stuff. ask questions before you give yourself an answer.

above all take care of your health, only the living thinks about money.

after reading of you have a question on this article, please consult the author.

edited and written by Joseph Ugochukwu

All rights reserved

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