Digital Marketing is a profound manner in which you try to convince, pessuade or have a customer to buy a product online.

Marketing can be done either as an affiliate (selling for someone or companies) or as a business owner.

Marketing can be divided into two parts
1. Analog Marketing
2. Digital Marketing

An analog marketer is just like our usual day to day Marketers we are on the streets and markets. some of these people know nothing about online marketing. walking under the rain and sun trying to sell their goods or just seat in the shop waiting for customers to come, and may even end up in a day not making any sales in a day if they are not strategical.

The most profitable one is digital marketing; this is the systematic and diplomatic way of catching the attention of your customer and make him or her hunger for your product.
this time around, you are not to wait for your customers like an analog marketer will do. you will have to hunt for your customers of which there are many of them out there.

Marketing is the sweetest way of making money online, it’s just like a game if you win a customer you rejoice if you lose customer you try harder not to make a mistake again.

Now we all know that without a product, there is no marketing.
as someone new in marketing and don’t have any product to sell, don’t worry about that. there is what they call commission.

Now as a digital marketer, you can earn in two ways.
1. As an affiliate
2. As a business owner

Earning as an affiliate is something that has to do with selling of other people’s products. it could be a company or an individual. now these products you will sell and earn commission according to the agreed percentage of the product sold.
You could earn like 30% – 50% of the goods sold. we have companies like Jumia and Amazon who pays affiliates to sell their products and many other companies out there like Expertnaire, although Expertnaire is not a free website because it comes with a guide on how to market their products.

check link

Now you selling as an affiliate how do you convince people to buy your product via your link, knowing that it is something the person can just go and buy from the direct source or nearby. now Digital Marketing is a separate course on its own that needs a step by step guide. as a digital marketer you are automatically a psychologist by knowing peoples wants and needs and recommending what will be good for them.

Earning as a business owner: here now, you own a business and you are willing to grow it. This is the sweetest part of digital marketing because, now you are not selling for anybody, you are trying to promote your own business online.
So many people like fashion designers, makeup artist, event planners, boutique owners and more don’t know that they can actually make more sales online by getting people to know them more. it’s not by pasting your services or pictures of your products on comment sessions and social media posts. it’s something that has to be done professionally, don’t worry about how your services can get to people around the world,
you can use waybill or employ delivery men.

for someone to be successful in this online promotion of business two factors are involved.

1. Positioning
2. KIT factor

1. Positioning is whereby you place yourself as the owner or as a recommender of the product. now as the owner you will have to hype yourself as someone who has been in the business for years.

know more

while as a recommender you will try to know a person’s problem and if it is what fall into what your product can solve, you recommend it whereby hiding yourself as the owner of this product.
you know people don’t like to be sold to, so recommendations are more profitable.

2. The KIT factor. This is something that has to do with psychology, you study your customers and know how to follow them. there are some words you unknowingly use in your advertisements that could annoy customers. try to avoid these words.

Know more

The KIT means Know, Interest and Trust.
for a successful sale to be done? your customer must know you, have interest in your product and trust you not to be a scammer.
This is the most important field to Learn in digital marketing and requires a step by step guide or coaching.

Meet your coach.

In this coaching, you will be taught how to set up a social media website, get free designs for your websites and pages and how to apply the KIT factor.

Note: The function of a coach is to teach you, guide you and lead you till you fulfill your desire. you earn from his coaching while he earns from your registration fee.
that’s a balanced business equation.

Do you ever imagine having a course that an average university student will study for four years into a single file? even someone that studied marketing in the university does not know what a digital marketer know.

Money have rules guiding it, making money also have rules guiding it.

making money online can’t work without someone putting you through. dedicate your time and learn, When you learn the letter “L” will be removed and then you earn.

you invest little to get plenty, invest in something you can never lose which is your skills, invest in knowledge.

Think like a business man when doing business and like a normal human being outside of business.

Look for people that were there before you enter into any stuff. ask questions before you give yourself an answer.

This is not a Ponzi scheme or betting site or a money doubling site, it’s something you have to learn under few days and implement what you are being taught to make money.

after reading of you have a question on this article, please consult the author.

edited and written by Joseph Ugochukwu

All rights reserved


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